Death is a very cruel thief, it robbed me of my time with David. It steals the future that you planned together. The first year of David’s death, I took to my pen and paper for everything, the unfinished pages of the countless journals that are now piled on my desk are reminders of how fragmented I had become. Staying focused and on task with the simplest of things was challenging – admittedly I am a “serial list maker” and so I literally lived my life from the “lists” I compiled daily. Entries that I have found both comical and sad reminding me to do things like; lock the doors, pick up my mail, pay my bills – breath …
but I also wrote lists, to remind myself of all the things we wanted to do, my frame of mind was so fragile at that time I was afraid that I would forget those things we talked about, promised each other – all of the plans we’d made together.
David is gone from my life – forever and I’ll continue to grieve every missed tomorrow but I have chosen to live – live every promise, every dream and every hope weaved together from the memories of my heart and in the fullness of his legacy.

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 A work in progress ~ my Bucket List for One
1) Every Promise
2) Every Dream
3) Every Hope
“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
Corrie ten Boom