legacy1We all die … the goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

It was chilly sitting outside on the patio, the servers appeared, periodically and asked if we needed anything. Eventually we would ask the manger if we needed to move on since we’d been tucked away in the corner – for nearly 5 hours.

The visit was long overdue and I found myself being reminded of the gentleness, the character of the man that was uniquely his own. Their memories and stories came easily and in abundance, as they traded each across the table with everyone. There was laughter and tears – somber moments and moments when my heart was filled with so much gratitude that it drowned out the sorrow that I usually feel when I think of him – miss him. Resoundingly it was agreed among all of those gathered, that his life – had definitely left an indelible mark on each of their lives. I left that day feeling extremely blessed. Blessed knowing that his legacy was alive and well.

His capacity to love was enormous I always knew that, I lived in that enormity – he was always bigger then life to me. Yet I had no idea how incredibly magnanimous he was to all of those who knew him. It’s been years since David’s death, admittedly I retreated from the large circle that surrounded our life together but I was in awe that day, and humbled to learn that there are still so many waiting to make contact – knowing I was unable for a long time to share my grief – allow them to share theirs. There was a quiet moment that occurred among us when we realized that we had all lost someone so grand in our lives. I would have typically been moved to tears but it was a day to celebrate a life well lived.

… find a man marked by the Grace of a very big God.